Pele Leung is a commercial photographer specialising in architectural and landscape photography. In addition to traditional photography, he also utilises virtual reality techniques to showcase his photographic output. Pele takes his client's vision to 360º and delivers interactive virtual tours as well as still photographs. Furthermore, Pele also handles photographic projects for real estate and products.

Apart from photography, Pele also provides multimedia authoring services for commercial firms and photographers.

Pele is based in Melbourne but would take any interstate commissioned projects. If you want to bring the best look of your assets or products to public, we are right here waiting to match your steps.

Rising Stars Workshop
One of the barriers to people taking photography further is the lack of momentum and knowledge. With this issue in mind, Pele and Peter aim to provide a workshop with a series of sessions to help participants improve their photography. Rising Stars is the result.
Landscape Photography Interest Group

大地欣情 (中文版) / Heaven on Earth (English Edition)

「大地欣情」是Pele 最新出版的風景攝影集。這本攝影集包含170多幅他過去十多年在澳大利亞拍攝的精彩照片,以大篇幅的電子書形式展示。中英文版,均有待售。 在特別推廣期間(至30/11/2015),免費加送另外一本電子書:攝影里程碑

Heaven on Earth is the latest photo publication from Pele. This large format e-book includes over 170 photos he took in Australia in the last decade. Both Chinese and English editions are available.

During the promotional period (till 30/11/2015), we offer another ebook, The Milestones of a Photographer, as a bonus.


攝影里程碑 (中文版) / The Milestones of a Photographer (English Edition)


This is not a book of teaching photography skills or simply a portfolio of pretty images. If you are interested to know a story of how a person was turned from a beginner into a professional photographer , you are the reader we are looking for. Both Chinese and English editions are avalable.


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