Virtual Tours

While the definition of virtual tour varies in different industry sectors, our implementation is with interactive 360º views that our visitors could explore the location themselves during their visits.

Our virtual tours are easy to operate and the viewing direction and angle can be changed by simply dragging your mouse or using the small pop-up control buttons located at the bottom of your screen. Moreover, you can virtually jump to the nearby viewing spots by pressing the self-explained arrow buttons. The viewing quality really shines when the tours are viewed in full screen (click the button ).

Hong Kong - NEW

Hongcunzhen in China (宏村) - NEW

Melbourne Yarra River (6x views) - NEW

Gardens in Mount Dandenong (8x views)

Melbourne City (2x views)

Docklands, Melbourne (4x views)

Wilsons Promontory, Victoria (5x views)


System requirements: