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If you would like to commission Pele for a photographic assignment, please contact us for discussion.


Multimedia Studio

If you are looking for a thrilling way to present your products or services, audio visual could be your solution. By combining images, music & sound, motion and a good storyline, our multimedia studio production stimulates the purchasing desire of your clients. In addition, if you are a photographer who wants to present your best work to the outside world, our DVD authoring is an excellent service you must not miss.


Workshops / Seminars

Every photographer wants to shoot like a pro but does not know how to achieve it within no time. Our one day workshops show you where to look, how to fine-tune your photo composition and the hands on practice of a pro.


Extreme Hours is a workshop of its own kind. The chosen locations will be at their best charm at extreme hours. This is an unique opportunity if you want to learn and photograph something different from the crowd. Available between May-Sep only.


If you intend to improve your photographic skills and knowledge dramatically, our one on one tailor-made photographic workshop is the one you are looking for. You choose the topics and leave the rest for us. Be prepared to be an outstanding photographer overnight.


If you are looking for a dramatic way to present your photographic work, audio visual could be one of the best choices. By combining images, music & sound, motion and a good storyline, audio visual could bring an unsurpassed viewing experience to your audiences. Our audio visual seminar / workshop will show you how.



Pele regularly delivers photographic presentations at various camera clubs. please contact us if you have a proposal. Meanwhile Pele has just completed his latest presentation of his travel to China - Photographing the remote regions of China at 15 camera clubs in various states.


DVD Collection

Awesome Journey of Inspiration Impressions of China Beyond Inspiration

Thanks for the support from our fans, our first DVD, An Awesome Journey of Inspiration, will be sold out soon. If you want to take the advantage of our bargain price at A$14.5 each (original price A$35 each), it is time to take action immediately.

Our latest DVDs Beyond Inspiration and Impressions of China (現代霞客攝影集) are also available now. If you like fine photography as well as unsurpassed multimedia viewing experience, our DVD collection will not disappoint you. High definition AVCHD format is also available separately. contact us if you are interested.



ebook packages  

Three ebook packages are available

1. 遊記精選:

《霞客續夢 · 遊攝中華手記》+

《現代徐霞客 · 遊攝中華手記》


《詠 • 詩詞精選》

2. 中文版全集:全套十本

3. Full English set of three ebooks


霞客續夢 · 遊攝中華手記 / The Dream Goes On


The Dream Goes On covers Pele’s latest travel journeys in China. Meanwhile only Chinese edition is available.


浪跡天涯 / Wandering in Australia


Wandering in Australia is an ebook of five wandering journeys covering almost the whole Australia. If you plan to visit Australia with your camera, this is a must for you. Meanwhile, only Chinese edition is available.

Paintography ebook  

抒情畫意 • 攝畫集 / Paintography

Pele 對繪畫的興趣不下於攝影,因此他選擇了將他的攝影作品化成畫作,他稱之為攝畫,並希望它們能擁有另一個截然不同的生命和展出機會。全書共16章,除了攝畫外,每章還含一首Pele親筆提的中文詩。中英對照,現已出版

”Paintography” is a book of Pele's digital paintings (paintographs) converted from his photographs. Bilingual edition in English and Chinese is available.


一人有一個旅程 · 五位攝影人的遊攝體驗

五位作者,包括 Joey Cheng, Vincent Cheng (不動明王), Anab Leung, Pele Leung 與 Zuie Lo,加上無數次的攝影旅程,結集成書,他們最精采的拍攝成果和在路途上的體驗,全數收錄在這本電子書內。


Chinese Edition only.


現代徐霞客 · 遊攝中華手記

Pele遊攝中華24個省/自治區/直轄市,上山下海,尋幽探秘,穿城過鎮,追溯歷史,前後六年。現緝錄最經典和最精彩的20個旅程,編纂成書,帶領讀者穿越時空,一起分享在旅途上的小插曲和壯麗景色。全書454頁,再加上多幅照片,是送給喜歡旅遊和攝影的朋友們的最佳禮物。現已出版。Chinese Edition only.

Heaven on Earth  

大地欣情 (中文版) / Heaven on Earth (English Edition)

「大地欣情」是風景攝影師Pele Leung最新出版的攝影集。這本攝影集包含170多幅Pele過去十多年在澳大利亞拍攝的精彩照片,以大篇幅的電子書形式展示。


Heaven on Earth is the latest photo publication from the landscape photographer, Pele Leung. This large format e-book includes over 170 photos Pele took in Australia in the last decade. It contains 16 chapters in a staggering volume of 320 pages and each chapter has its own theme and description. Both Chinese and English editions are available.


攝影里程碑 (中文版) / The Milestones of a Photographer (English Edition)


全書182頁,Adobe PDF格式,附有173幅照片,包括62幅全頁和28幅跨頁照片。中英文版,均有待售。

This is not a book of teaching photography skills or simply a portfolio of pretty images. If you are interested to know a story of how a person was turned from a beginner into a professional photographer , you are the reader we are looking for.

182 pages, 173 photos including 62 full-page and 28 two-page photos. Both Chinese and English editions are available.

Landscape Photography Locations in Australia

澳大利亞風景攝影地點介紹 / Introduction to Landscape Photography Locations in Australia


Include forty photography locations in all six states and two territories. 120-page, 144 high quality photographs, 14 suggested photography route maps, written in Chinese and over 20,000 words. 52-page preview version is available for free download with no obligation.


Connect - Interacting with Landscapes is a fiction-photo book co-authored by Pele and the writer Anna Filipi. This 118-page book includes 8 fine stories written by Anna and dozens of the best Australian landscape images from Pele.

Our aim with this book was to combine a collection of beautiful photographs that capture the quintessential character of the Australian landscape with short inspiring stories. It will appeal to readers who enjoy short stories, and those who like fine photography and have a deep respect for the environment.

At a time when people are aware of the environment like never before, this publication will have wider appeal as well. Connect - Interacting with Landscapes is now available. Don't miss our full chapter preview.
Update: iPhone/iPad version is now available.

This book is printed on the finest pearl photo paper made by Mohawk Fine Papers, one of the most respected makers of paper for use in photography and design books.


The PDF version of Connect - Interacting with Landscapes is also available.

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All landscape images on this website and our portfolio on AUScenery Gallery are available as top quality collector prints. Please email us at for more information.